Fusion Therapy

Catherine M. Doll, PT, MOMT, DMT
Doctor of Orthopedic Manual Therapy


* Clinician-Practice owner-Teacher-Author

* Graduated Summa Cum Laude at Chicago Medical School in 1990. Completed post-graduate master's degree (MOMT) in Chicago through the prestigious Ola Grimsby Institute (OGI) in 1996. Continued her 4 year residency and received her post-graduate doctoral degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (DMT) in 1999. She joined the OGI faculty in 2004.

* In practice since 1990 with a focus in orthopedics. Strives to be at the top of her field by continuing independent studies of manual therapy and related fields, (such as chronic pain, women's health, nutrition, and integrative medicine).

* Dr. Doll is co-author of the book titled: Science, Theory, and Clinical Application in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Vol. 1 - 2008. She also completed experimental research and dissertation: Static Stretching vs. Active Range Of Motion Of The Triceps Surae: Effect On Dorsiflexion Range of Motion – 1999.

* Dr. Doll has true passion for her work and is equally devoted to her a wonderful and supportive family. She lives and practices in San Diego.

Offering Services

● Specialization

  ○ Orthopedic Injuries

  ○ Manual Therapy Hands-on and instrument assisted soft tissue and joint mobilization

  ○ Chronic/Persistent Pain

  ○S.T.E.P - Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Specific exercise design, dosage, progression for healing

  ○ Exercise prescriptions for fitness/well-being considering tissue quality for appropriate stage of building endurance/strength for optimal performance

   ○ Pre & post-surgical rehabilitation

● Concierge Style Physical Therapy:

  ○ 1 on 1 (60 minute) appts with Dr. Doll

● European methods of Manual Therapy

● Qigong Healing Techniques

● Nutritional counseling for musculoskeletal and chronic pain conditions

● Counseling in healthful dietary habits and weight loss

Professional Experience


● Integrative Medicine

● Functional Medicine

● Rehabilitation for professional athletes and musicians

● Heart based transcendental meditation

● Yoga



11434 Miro Cir, San Diego, CA 92131

Concierge Style Physical Therapy

60 minutes with Dr. Doll 1 on 1

European Manual Therapy

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